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Press extruder pasta machine mod. P/60


Press machine that can produce sheet of pasta or other shapes changing the dies - hourly production of KGs 50 about of sheet of pasta - the attachment of the winding mod. BS/ (bobbin-boy) allows for the production of sheets of pasta which can be subsequently feed the ravioli, cappelletti and agnolotti machines, too (furnished only on request) - equipped with a cutter for short cuts and drier with two frames - water cooling system on the extruder head and fan - equipped with one die for sheet of pasta - equipped with anti-accident devices - machine painted or stainless steel version. Marking CE

Motors: Volt 220/380 three phases Power: kW 2,5
Output KGs/h: 50 about of sheet of pasta
Dimensions: mm 870 X 1100 X 1560 H Weight: KGs 300

pasta machine


Automatic Sheeter mod. CL/280-400

Rolling machines with roller width of mm 280 (inches 11) -mm 400 (inches 15,74) ideal to regulate sheet of pasta to desired thickness, also recycling left-overs of fresh pasta, from cappelletti, tortellini or ravioli machines -this machine is equipped with anti-accident devices - in stainless steel version

Marking CE

680 x 400 x 1200
800 x 400 x 1200
Weight kg
16 c.
180 c.
Sheet width mm
potenza KW
Power volt

Cappelletti - Agnolotti pasta machine mod. RC/2-N

Cappelletti and agnolotti machine – with double mould shape cappelletto/agnolotto PN02 -hourly production of KGs 50 about - the change from one shape to another is possible with the machine in motion by the simple rotation of a lever - possibility to change moulds (tortellone excluded) - equipped with anti-accident devices. Marking CE

Motors: Volt 220/380 three phases
Power: kW 1,2
Output KGs/h: 50 about (pounds 110)
Dimensions: mm 600 X 700 X 1400 H
Weight: KGs 270 about
Sheet width: mm 132 (inches 5,19)

pasta machine


Gnocchi machine with 3 holes model GN/3-N

Gnocchi dumpling machine with 3 holes - hourly production of KGs 75 about - the product can be smooth or striated, as desired - of small, medium or large shape - gnocchi may be formed well hollowed or cubed, as desired -continue feeder - equipped with anti-accident devices -

Marking CE

Motors: Volt 220/380 three phases
Power: kW 0,4
Output KGs/h: 75 about (pounds 166)
Dimensions: mm 400 x 650 x 1300 h
Weight: KGs 88 about

pasta machine

Ravioli pasta machine mod. RN/120-SC

Ravioli machine with separated product - hourly production of KGs 60 about -discontinuous filling because the machine need to be stopped before add filling - with double sheet of pasta -ideal to produce ravioli with either soft fillings (cheese and/or vegetables) or with meat, in various consistencies and sizes - equipped with one mould shape Q4 - possibility to change ravioli moulds of different shape and size (square, triangular, round, half-moon) - this machine is equipped with anti-accident devices - stainless steel version. Marking CE

Motors: Volt 220/380 three phases Power: kW 1
Sheet width: mm 120 (inches 4,72)
Output KGs/h: 60 about (pounds 133)
Dimensions: mm 520x730x1770H Weight: KGs 140 about

Cutter pasta Machine mod. TRM/5-N

Cutter machine for long and short cuts - without table (only on request) - to produce tagliatelle of five widths: mm 1,25 - 2 - 4 - 6 – 12 - equipped also with an automatic device to produce three various shapes of little squares pasta - practical and quiet it can be mounted on tables or counters, on fixed bases or on dollies - equipped with anti-accident devices Marking CE

Motors: Volt 220/380 three phases

Power: kW 0,4
Dimensions: mm 460 X 450 X 550 H Weight: KGs 68 about
Standard cuts: mm 1,25 - 2 - 4 - 6 - 12
Standard short cuts: mm 4 - 6 - 12
Rollers width: mm 300 (inches 11,8)

Mini Pasteurizers mod. PS/150

pasteurizers pasta machine

Pasteurizer ideal for all types of fresh pasta workshops - ideal to extend the shelf life of fresh or filled pasta - in only 150 centimetres (inches 5,9) of space it pasteurizes tagliatelle, tortellini, ravioli and other shapes of filled pasta - entirely built in stainless steel - it is provided with 40 cm conveyor belt with adjustable speed -its heater could be either gas-functioning (methane, GPL) with power of kW 1,8 or electric with power of kW 9 -capacity of KGs 30 about (pounds 66,6) - equipped with two frames in stainless steel to keep product -temperature and belt speed are adjustable -equipped with anti-accident devices. Marking CE

Volt 220/380 three phases + N
Power: kW 1,8 (with gas-functioning)
Power: kW 9 (electric-functioning)
Burner power: kcal/h 13.000
Output KGs/h: 30 about (pounds 66,6)
Dimensions: mm 1500 X 800 X 1570 H
Weight: KGs 153 about

Static Dryers for pasta

Static dryers for pasta, suitable for both ventilate slightly fresh pasta intended for retail sale, which completely dry pasta, with or without egg. Carriages Equipped with wooden frames with 600 x 1200 mm with polyester network, electronic temperature control and humidity, electronic time ventilation and rest of the structure with insulation foam at high temperature. The heating may be electrical resistance or battery of heat exchangers to warm water.

Marking CE

No. of trolleys
1 x 25 telati
2 x 25 telati
4 x 25 telai
No. of resistances
KW resistances
Machine weight (kg)

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