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Press Extruder Pasta Machine mod. P/10

ravioli pasta machine

Mod. P/10 little press machine that can produce sheet of pasta or other shapes changing the dies -hourly production of KGs 10 about of sheet of pasta - with one vat mixer-capacity total kgs 8 -
it is ideal for small pasta factories and restaurants -equipped with a cutter for short cuts - water cooling system on the extruder head - product ventilation outlet - equipped with one die for sheet of pasta - mixer shaft can be extract -
equipped with anti-accident devices
Marking CE

Motors: Volt 220 monophase Power: kW 1
Output KGs/h: 10 about of sheet of pasta (pounds 2,2)
Dimensions: mm 550 x 650 x h. 700
Weight: KGs 80 about
mixer-capacity total kgs 8 (flour/bran and liquid)

Ravioli Machine mod. RN/80

restaurant ravioli pasta machineravioli pasta machine

Mod. RN/80 little ravioli machine with double sheet of pasta -
without table - hourly production of KGs 20 about – this machine is ideal for small pasta factories and restaurants -automatic rolling of pasta’s sheets - discontinuous filling –
possibility to add the filling (meat or cottage cheese and vegetables) - equipped with one square mould Q4 of mm 50 x 50 -possibility to change ravioli moulds of different size (square mould Q3 of mm 65 x 65 or square mould Q6 of mm 33 x 33) – joined product – this machine is equipped with anti-accident devices – anodized aluminium and stainless steel version - VOLT 220 single phase

marking CE

Dimensions: mm 400 x 380 x h. 760 h
Weight kg: 28 about
prod/h kg: 20 c.
Sheet width: 80
Power: KW 0,2
Motors: Volt 220 single phase – Hz 50

Cutter Machine for "fettuccine casarecce" mod. TC/1

ravioli pasta machine

Cutter pasta machine for long cuts, without table. Ideal to produce 8 kinds of “fettuccine casarecce” - equipped with anti-accident devices -machine in stainless steel version -

Marking CE

Weight kg 30 c.
Power KW 0,16
Motors: Volt 220/380-3F

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