From small gastronomy to fully automated industrial line, including customized on-site training courses.
A single interlocutor with 60 years of experience is only to be exploited.

A range of machinery ranging from HOURLY PRODUCTION FROM 15 TO 300 KG, all MACHINES designed, built and tested with the quality that distinguishes us. Sturdiness and reliability as always, alongside of pasta makers.

they are the match for a winning Take Away. Easily make fresh pasta and cook it for a delicious tasting. Concentrated, functional, IN A small space and for small investments. Guaranteed!

The reliability and flexibility in being able to produce in pasta factories, in addition to traditional pasta shapes, also special shapes with cutting devices and complementary machines. Fresh pasta, dry pasta, gluten-free pasta … NO PROBLEM ..!

For over 60 years we have been designing and building machines and lines for the production of fresh, dry and gluten-free pasta

Pama Parsi Macchine produces more than one hundred pasta machinery models, of any capacity and for any pasta type: machinery for dry, fresh pasta or gluten free, egg pasta, etc. And also machinery for noodles and short-cut pasta, pasta with filling, dough kneading machinery, dough dividers, macchinery to produce dumplings, ravioli, cannelloni, lasagna, cappelletti, agnolotti, orecchiette, trofie and many more. The machine range covers any pasta size and meets all customers' needs.

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Questions and answers to open an artisan pasta factory

Will I encounter difficulties to use your pasta machine for fresh pasta?

Absolutely not. It is fast, safe and easy to use. Our machines for fresh pasta? Are designed and built to be functional and economical to use. In a few minutes you can produce any size of fresh pasta.

How many types and sizes of fresh pasta can be produced with your machines?

We have many opportunities for long and short pasta with about 80 formats. Then we have the traditional ravioli, such as round, square and moon-shaped but also special shapes like heart, funghi, caramel and fish. Not to mention the Cappelletti, tortellini and ravioli in all sizes.

Which machine should I use to make pastry and how long should it be?

With our presses it is very simple. You can also adjust the thickness in widths of 140 , 280 and 400 mm.

What types of soups can be done with your machines?

It ‘s simple. Just change the bronze die with the desired format and mount the automatic knife for cutting.

Once I buy the pasta machines, where do I learn how to use them?

The courses of instruction are our strong point. Once you buy the machines, you will take a course of 2-3 days at our pasta labs, where you will learn the use of machinery and the secrets to make fresh pasta.

What does “shelf life” mean?

It is the period of use of the product on the market , which is the time between the date of packaging and expiration date. It is the result of laboratory tests that go on to analyze the organoleptic, chemical and bacteriological aspects aimed at identifying the appropriate time period in which the product maintains its characteristics.

What is the Modified Atmosphere or IMAP?

The technology or protective packaging in modified atmosphere (MAP ) is ?the packaging of food products in an atmosphere different from that natural and consists of gas mixtures in different proportions: primarily oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide (two inert gases, which are common in the atmosphere).

Plants and lines for artisanal and industrial pasta factories

Lines and systems for fresh, dry, filled and gluten-free pasta. Gas and steam pasteurizers, pre-dryers and coolers for quality fresh pasta. Static dryers with PLC for dry durum wheat pasta, legumes and cereals. Timeless Pama Guarantee.

Open a pasta factory?

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If you are planning to start a laboratory for the production of fresh, dry or gluten-free pasta, this is the appointment you were looking for. Booked ...

The pasta factory all in 1


The solution for the little ones

The solution for the little ones In 150 cm a complete pasta factory, ideal for delicatessens, catering and small pasta factories. Unique and inimitable.

Agricultural pasta factory


Dry pasta at Km "0"

Dry pasta at Km "0" Tailor-made solutions for farms that want to transform their harvest into dry pasta

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The latest news in your home Being present on the territory, yours, is essential. This is our program for the current year.

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Set up pasta factory to produce fresh pasta dry and gluten free

Sala demo corsi per aprire un pastificio

Produzione pasta secca dalla molitura al confezionamento

Una giornata interamente dedicata all’essiccazione della pasta: il Corso pasta secca. Nella programmazione dei corsi per chi vuole aprire un Pastificio, abbiamo introdotto una giornata illustrativa e formativa, per illustrare e spiegare il processo produttivo di produzione di pasta secca artigianale.

Andremo ad analizzare, con contenuti pratici, le varie fasi che compongono la produzione di pasta secca:

Al termine della giornata, avrete modo di interagirer con i tecnini commerciali, che vi daranno supporto nello sviluppo pratico sulla vostra idea.

Sala demo corsi per aprire un pastificio

Come aprire un laboratorio di Pasta e Gastronomia

Il business della pasta fresca negli ultimi anni è in continua crescita, ciò è dovuto soprattutto alla maggiore attenzione verso un’alimentazione sana e alla ricerca di piatti tradizionali e caserecci. Per questo motivo abbiamo introdotto nella nostra Azienda i Corsi GRATUITI per aprire ed avviare un Laboratorio Artigianale per la produzione di pasta fresca e Gastronomia.

Parleremo di: impasti, ripieni e utilizzo di tutte le Macchine, cottura a Convenzione Vapore per Gastronomie, Ristoranti e Pastifici, l’Abbattitore di Temperatura ed i suoi vantaggi, la Pastorizzazione e l’Essiccazione, il Confezionamento Sottovuoto in Atmosfera Modificata (ATM) degli alimenti.