Machines and plants for pasta factories

Machines for pasta factories

From small production for restaurants, delis and bakeries, to industrial pasta factories

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Machines for pasta factories

PAMA PARSI MACCHINE has been producing entirely Made in Italy professional Machines for pasta factories to be used for pasta production inside specialized laboratories and industries.

These are our solutions for your Pasta factory

60 years of experience are only to be exploited

Machines and plants for pasta factories

Pasta machines

Designs and manufactures a wide range of machines for pasta factories for production of all types of pasta, in various versions to suit every need: extruders, sheeters, ravioli machines, gnocchi machines, combined machines, machines for regional and ethnic pasta, lasagna and cannelloni.

Machines for pasta factories

Industrial lines for pasta

Studies and produces custom-made lines for production and treatment of pasta: machines for pasta factories, plants for dry pasta, lines for precooked pasta and ready meals based on pasta, plant for filled pasta, either pasteurized or frozen, etc.

Machines for pasta factories


We aim to offer maximum reliability and continuity in post-sales, offering future customers the best solutions for their Pasta Factory. We organize practical demonstrations in the preliminary phase, and training in future pasta factories during the testing phase.

For everyone who wishes to open a Pasta factory


We have many opportunities for long and short pasta with about 80 formats. Then we have the traditional ravioli, such as round, square and moon-shaped but also special shapes like heart, funghi, caramel and fish. Not to mention the Cappelletti, tortellini and ravioli in all sizes.

They are two totally different products aesthetically . If the dough is produced in a laboratory, it will have a handcrafted look, natural color and it will look rough. The one found in supermarkets, because it was processed, will be more polished.

The courses of instruction are our strong point. Once you buy the machines for pasta factories, you will take a course of 2-3 days at our pasta labs, where you will learn the use of machinery and the secrets to make fresh pasta.

Absolutely not. It is fast, safe and easy to use. Our machines for fresh pasta ?are designed and built to be functional and economical to use. In a few minutes you can produce any size of fresh pasta.

We know that this kind of dough , as well as being difficult to find, is also very expensive. ?With our machines for pasta factories it is easy to solve this problem, as they can work any type of flour, allowing everyone to enjoy a good plate of pasta.

The use of gas in the packaging is now common practice for many food products. ?For fresh pasta, the right mixture of gas provides a significant increase in the durability of the products compared to packaging in the air, delaying the formation of mold In addition, all the aromas and the qualitative characteristics of pasta are perfectly preserved. The benefit is in fact an extension of the shelf life.

What kind of pasta do you want to make your pasta factory?

Machines and plants for pasta factories


Short pasta, long pasta, stuffed pasta, in all formats for all tastes

Machines and plants for pasta factories


Solutions for high quality pasteurized pasta with a duration of up to 120 days.

Machines and plants for pasta factories


Total control of the drying process for a dry pasta with a unique taste.

Machines and plants for pasta factories


Pelmeni, tortellini, agnolotti, cappelletti, cannelloni, lasagna

Machines and plants for pasta factories


Gluten free pasta and pasta with legume flour, for all markets, for all tastes

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Machines, plants, lines, pasta shapes, services and equipment.